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1) Malcolm Montgomery collection of transatlantic mail via Southampton including scarce rates & origins ie India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay, maiden & final voyages, discriminatory & retaliatory rates, depreciated currency, UK late fees (supplementary mail), and Canadian mail.

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2) Denis Vandervelde disinfected & quarantine mail to, from & within the USA 1808 - 2001

Link to scans: Disinfected-Mail

3) Prexies and Airmail Transport series 1940 - 1945 mainly WWII uses including scarce origins & destinations all from UK colllections

Link to scans: PrexiesTransports

4) USA mail to Germany 1845 - 1931 including stampless, illustrated advertising, auxiliary & forwarding, registered, back-of-the-book and Possessions

Link to scans: GermanMails

5) Peter Kemp Civil War collection (Union & Confederate)

Link to scans: CivilWarKemp

6) John Swade Exposition Collection 1893 - 1915 with a focus on the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

Link to scans: Swade-Expos

7) Colin Evans Civil War collection including Union & Confederate patriotics.

Link to scans: Evans-Civil-War

8) The best collection I've had in 5 years: Marc Fuller's 17 volume USA and transatlantic mail 1750 - 1875 postal history collection of 750 covers priced from $25 to $2,500. Most of these have been off the market for 40+ years as he mainly bought in the 1970s & 1980s from Jack Molesworth, Richard Frajola, Robson Lowe, Angus Parker, Derek Bolton, Ritchie Bodily & Eric Etkin. Some of his favorites topics were locals & carriers, valentines, Civil War (both Union & Confederate), Colonial & Confederation, 1847s to 1857s domestic uses but his main collecting interest was transatlantic mail to/from USA & Europe including maiden & final voyages, retaliatory, restored and early treaty rates and scarce destinations.

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