USA postal history, USA postal cards, USA covers & USA stamps

Stephen T. Taylor new material

  • Lloyd Hogg specialized collection of 210 large banknote postal history including scarce destinations, advertising covers, registered, supplementary mail, used from overseas, conjunctive uses with Great Britain, Canada, Wells Fargo Mexico, etc
  • Dr Alexander Gundel specialized exhibit and collection of 2,500+ postal cards & reply cards UX1 - UX39 & UY1 - UY12 including pre-convention & pre-UPU rates to foreign destinations, supplementary mail, registered, special delivery, used in Possessions, military stations, POWs, Paquebot & Seapost, fancy cancels, scarce destinations, etc.
  • Ian Tickell specialized collections of Confederate Virginia manuscript Post Offices, Charleston, South Carolina 1860 - 1865 and CSA 6 & 7 including Confederate Military, independent state & Confederate State uses of US stamps & US postal stationery, very early Confederate postal system, drop rates, forwarded, to & from military units, postmaster provisionals, turned covers, adversity covers, advertising & official covers
  • Selected covers from Graham Booth, Bryan Wood, & Michael Roberts collections of transatlantic mail USA to/from/via UK including pioneer steamships, discriminatory, retaliatory & restored rates, and interrupted, solo, maiden & final voyages 1750 - 1920.
  • Derek Mauri specialized collection of USA railroad, railway, RPO, agents & stations on stampless covers, covers, postal cards & postal stationery 1840s - 1880s

E-mail scans available for USA, CSA, & Possessions covers & postal history from Colonial period through World War II

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