USA postal history, USA postal cards, USA covers & USA stamps

Stephen T. Taylor new material

  • Specialized collection of 210 large banknote postal history including scarce destinations, advertising covers, registered, supplementary mail, used from overseas, conjunctive uses with Great Britain, Canada, Wells Fargo Mexico, etc.
  • Specialized collection of USA classic stamps & postal history 1847 - 1865 including locals & carriers, drop rates, foreign destinations, advertising covers, railroads, Civil War Union patriotics and Confederate States military & civilian mail.
  • Dr Alexander Gundel specialized exhibit and collection of USA postal cards & reply cards UX1 - UX39 & UY1 - UY12 including pre-convention & pre-UPU rates to foreign destinations, supplementary mail, registered, special delivery, used in Possessions, military stations, POWs, Paquebot & Seapost, fancy cancels, scarce destinations, etc.
  • Ian Tickell specialized collections of Confederate Virginia manuscript Post Offices, Charleston, South Carolina 1860 - 1865 and CSA 6 & 7 including Confederate Military, independent state & Confederate State uses of US stamps & US postal stationery, very early Confederate postal system, drop rates, forwarded, to & from military units, postmaster provisionals, turned covers, adversity covers, advertising & official covers
  • Selected covers from Graham Booth & Bryan Wood collections of transatlantic mail USA & Canada to/from/via UK & Europe including pioneer steamships, discriminatory, retaliatory & restored rates, and interrupted, solo, maiden & final voyages 1750 - 1920.
  • Specialized collection of 1909 commemoratives (Scott 367 - 371) including used in US Possessions, scarce destinations, treaty rates to UK & Germany, exposition, registered, advertising, perfin & private perforations, etc
  • Joe Crosby small banknotes 1 cents to 30 cents: scarce destinations, unusual advertising, territorial usees, supplementary mail, short paid with postage dues, etc

E-mail scans available for USA, CSA, & Possessions covers & postal history from Colonial period through World War II

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