USA postal history, USA postal cards, USA covers & USA stamps

Stephen T. Taylor new material

  • Selected covers from Dr. Timothy O' Connor collection of 18th century colonial & Confederation period and early Boston, Massachusetts stampless postal history
  • Selected covers from Graham Booth, Bryan Wood, Derek Bolton & Michael Roberts collections of transatlantic mail USA to/from/via UK including pioneer steamships, discriminatory, retaliatory & restored rates, and interrupted, solo, maiden & final voyages 1750 - 1920.
  • Robert Markovits Special Delivery exhibits of E5 - E11 including used to and from overseas, unusual domestic usages, auxillary markings, etc.
  • Frank Braithwaite collection of Second Bureaus 300 - 319: scarce destinations, used from Possessions, unusual domestic usages, etc.
  • Derek Mauri specialized collection of USA railroad, railway, RPO, agents & stations on stampless covers, covers, postal cards & postal stationery 1840s - 1880s
  • Ian Tickell award-winning exhibit "Destination Confederate New Orleans" (frame 9214 at the London International 2015) & collection of incoming domestic & international mail to New Orleans 1819 to 1899

E-mail scans available for USA, CSA, & Possessions covers & postal history from Colonial period through World War II

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